Is mipole really strong enough to hold my weight?

Yes! mipole was designed to easily hold weights of up to 250 lbs, so you can rest assured this pole will handle any professional pole dance moves. All you have to do is make sure you install it properly! 

Can I spin and hold myself upside down on this pole?

Of course! As a truly professional portable pole kit, you can do any professional moves you like. Just make sure you know the limits of your pole dancing skills, and don't try to do any dangerous moves if you aren't sure you can. But otherwise, you will have a great time dancing on this pole, exercising, getting fit, and feeling sexy. Please note: The mipole is not a spinning pole, but rather a stationary pole that is strong enough for spinning moves. 

How tall will this pole extend to? My ceiling at home is 8' 10''.

The mipole works on ceilings from 7' 6" up to 9'. You need to make sure it is installed on flat, parallel surfaces. No angled or vaulted ceilings!

How much does this pole weigh?

The mipole weighs about 18lbs, including the carry bag, and assembly tool.

What is this pole made of?

The mipole is constructed of high quality steel, precision machined metal, and a couple of small high strength precision molded plastic parts.   

I have carpet at home. Will this pole work?

Yes! mipole works on any stable flat surface, including carpet, wood, or tile. 

I am afraid the pole will scratch or mark my ceiling. Will it?

No! The molded rubber pads on the top and bottom of your pole are designed so they wont mark, scratch, or damage flat and sturdy floors and ceilings. Avoid use on textured surfaces, as those may get damaged.

See for yourself how easy mipole assembly really is! 
Click here for a copy of the mipole instruction manual